[hackerspaces] New hackerspace: Labitat

Koen Martens gmc at har2009.org
Mon Dec 7 11:27:27 CET 2009

On Fri, Dec 04, 2009 at 05:28:12PM +0100, Marc Juul wrote:
> My local hackerspace (Labitat) was officially founded on the 14th of June
> this year.
> We now have 53 paying members (37 verified) and 77 members total.
> Today we signed the rental agreement and received the key for our first
> physical space!
> 210 square meters (2260 square feet) in central Copenhagen.
> It's been a long road getting to this point and it feels great to finally
> reach our goal of an actual space!
> Our space uses the membership model, more or less. We have a board of 7 who
> have extra responsibility for finances etc. but very little extra power.
> We'll be cleaning, painting and moving in for the rest of December, and I'll
> throw up some progress photos.

Excellent, congrats and have lots of fun getting the space into shape!!

> Big thanks go out to the entire movement for your hard work, for inspiring
> us to create Labitat, and for being awesome in general!
> Website: https://labitat.dk/ (in english yay!)



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