[hackerspaces] Membership Management Software

Koen Martens gmc at sonologic.nl
Mon Dec 7 11:12:34 CET 2009

It is an open source project, yes, but nothing has been released yet. In fact,
it only exists on one of Blokje's server atm (he's also on this list, so if you
are reading this, please jump in :).

I think we should just get a sourceforge project and put it in svn, but that
is all in blokje's hands.

It is written in PHP and has a very monochrome green on black skin at the moment,
just the way I like it :)



On Mon, Dec 07, 2009 at 09:21:37AM +0000, Jon Spriggs wrote:
> I have some experience of this subject from a few years back - is it an open
> source project, and if so, what language is it in and where can I get access
> to the code?
> Regards,
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> On 7 Dec 2009 08:59, "Koen Martens" <gmc at sonologic.nl> wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 07, 2009 at 08:17:29AM +0100, Marc Juul wrote: > David Raison
> wrote: > > When we were (r...
> We're also still working on SpaceManager, or more specifically, Blokje is
> working on that. I don't think we have anything online yet. The main purpose
> is to keep track of members, payment and send out automatic reminders when
> payments are due again.
> Gr,
> Koen
> > > -- > Juul > > > Talking about sharing source, anyone interested in any
> of our software > > pr...

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