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sureshf suresh2323 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 25 18:23:34 CEST 2009

Hey Folks,

Things have been moving along on several fronts during the last week.
More generally, peoples’ particular interests and areas of
contribution are becoming clearer.

Many of us played around with Tent last Wednesday and got a feel for
the potential of the technology. Tav and his group continue to work on
things. Tav says:

“Just to let everyone know that the base for an "ActivityLog" has
already been coded for Tent -- it just needs to be fully
The ActivityLog basically keeps "count" of various combinations of
user, !aspect and ~/references. And it does it in such a way so that
one can see the top combinations as well as the trending
This should prove useful in not only knowing which users, !aspects
~/references are being used, but also what's popular and/or trending
for the last hour, day, week, month or year. “

We are trying to figure out what the best way to move forward with
this is. Suresh has advanced the suggestion that we need to run two
processes in parallel, gathering data into Tent while simultaneously
manually gathering data on projects and trying to map them. Michael
has some reservations about manually gathering data and suggests:

"Maybe refocus on a method of data collection that has sufficient
utility in itself.  How about this, as a thought experiment:
  1) Compile a list of projects that are active in a particular
     domain.  The list must be accurate, up to date and maintained by
     its own users.
That would be useful, in itself.  Most domains do not have that
  2) Add another column of data, and turn the list into a table.
If the data stream can be widened in this way, while keeping it
accurate, up to date, and flowing of its own accord, then the problem
is largely solved.  Analysis, mapping and visualization will
follow.  Does this sound reasonable?"

Matt introduced a specific RFP related to an EU e-participation pilot
project. This generated some interest and raises the issue as to
whether or not OK can be an environment that support the generation of
project teams. In that capacity, it could have an infrastructure that
not only sources RFP’s but also project ideas with a view to
catalyzing project teams.

Alex and Matt have created an OK blog: http://mudball.net/openkollab/.
What we now need to understand is what role the blog plays relative to
the wiki.

Suresh suggested using the blog to embed widgets and start building
dialogue and real time stream. This would involve utilizing the
#openkollab channel on Twitter and streaming this information to the
blog. We could also start collectively aggregating bookmarks on
Delicious, for example, with the #openkollab hashtag and stream these
to the blog.

Gerry added a Comments Box to the Home Page as well as the ability to
‘watch’ certain pages for updates.

Charlie compiled a list of !links which he distributed to the group.
This, at the least, suggests a syntax for how to compile information
on links and is the first Tent driven list to be posted on WagN:

Nathan and Michel, in conjunction with the P2P Research Group are
organizing the Media Ecologies Workshop at the University of Salford
in Manchester, England on November 3rd. Matt and Suresh will be
speaking on behalf of OK. Details can be found at:

Let me know if I missed anything important!

On Behalf of the OK Team

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