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i liked what Yves wrote:

> Some  political  ideolo  gies  talk  about restoring  the  means  of
> production to the people (let's not bother to name them, it q uickly
> becomes  a  semantical  troll).   For  reasons  that  are  sometimes
> lightyears from these ideologies, hackers  do just that : they prove
> that sometimes  a few rolls of  aluminum foil and  some kitchen appl
> iances  can replace  a  50,000$ machinery.  That  knowledge has  the
> ability to bring a lot of autonomy.

autonomy is  a word i'm also  quite enthusiastic about,  but more than
once i've been objected that  it is also used to privatise educational
institutions, obstructing the access to knowledge for those that don't
have enough money to pay it.

OTOH sharing  knowledge is definitely  a common attitude  for hackers,
it always helps to combine it into new knowledge :)

sharing   knowledge  helps   people  develop   autonomy.    i  believe
hackerspaces  can be  free places  to  share knowledge,  also for  the
unprivileged; and you can learn a  lot more about hacking by those who
need to do it for a living, you can find real bright minds interacting
with the streets :)

the  first time  i've heard  the word  "hacklabs" being  used,  it was
pronounced by Uvlsi, an very knowledgeable hacker from Decoder BBS. he
mentioned briefly  at the final  assembly of the first  hackmeeting in
1998, speaking about "free universities of hacking".

the  point of  accessibility  has  kept very  important  to those  who
defined themselves  hacklabs in  the past 10  and more years,  so much
that the hackmeeting in Italy  and Spain so far were organised without
any  entrance  fees,  distributing   the  load  of  hosting  it  among
autonomous peers.. like a p2p model for hackmeetings.

currently that is  also what the tmp/lab is doing  in Paris, last year
they've organised an amazing "hackerspace festival" this way, i'll not
miss the occasion to watch it growing this year too :)


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