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Hi Kris

What you are saying makes me realize one thing about hackers and hackerspaces. Some political ideologies talk about restoring the means of production to the people (let's not bother to name them, it quickly becomes a semantical troll). For reasons that are sometimes lightyears from these ideologies, hackers do just that : they prove that sometimes a few rolls of aluminum foil and some kitchen appliances can replace a 50,000$ machinery. That knowledge has the ability to bring a lot of autonomy. 

I know some people who will make robots out of junks for the fun of it. I know other people who would build some stuff cheaply just to prove that indecent profits are made by industrials. I think both have their place in a hackerspace. It is great when the playful hacker is conscious of the political implications of his hacks but also when the political hacker realize that hacking can be made for the sheer fun of it. I think I'm a bit of both : I'm currently on a stupid project that I find cool but I am following RepRap and other fast prototyping project with an interest about their implications. 

It is the first time I see someone making a difference between hackerlabs and hackerspaces. Maybe it will be naive to the people on this list, but may I ask what differences do you see in them ? I tend to use both terms interchangeably.

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