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Keep telling everyone you know and everyone you meet.  I found that the way I express things makes a big difference -- when I express it with an attitude of:  "this is happening, are you interested?" rather than, "I am thinking of starting a hacker space" I get a lot more enthusiastic responses.  Once you get a small handful of people way into it, I think you will find it snowballs, and gets bigger on its own.  And if any media gets hold of the story, it will attract lots of cool people.  This is a really good time to be starting a hacker space.  There's been so much good press around the world, and more is about to hit the stands (and screens)!  I just had an interview last night with one of the reporters who was responsible for the nice Irish Times article that just came out last night -- he is about to write another for the Christian Science Monitor, which should also be way high profile, which I'm guessing will attract even more people to want to be part of hacker spaces.








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> > I am trying to start a hackerspace here in PCB but so far I have
> > received very little interest.
> > 
> > Does anyone have any suggestions to get the word out?
> > 
> > I have put up flyers, started a Google group (sandbox42), and emailed
> > everyone and anyone that might be interested. But have gotten very
> > little feedback so far, is this typical?
> From my Grenoble (France) experience, yes.
> I had a better chance going into some local related non-profits and talking to friends of friends of friends... 
> I had contacts through another hacklab, through a roleplaying group, through a skeptics group and through a science educator association. 
> Posting here is a good start :-) 
> Good luck !
> Iv
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