[hackerspaces] [HAR2009] Ticket shop open for business

Aldert Hazenberg aldert at rotz.org
Sun Dec 28 21:48:21 CET 2008

Ticket shop open for business

   Bills are piling up. We need money. We tried with our good looks and
   radiant smiles, but unfortunately suppliers of such necessities as
   tents, generators, terrain and whats more insisted on being paid in
   actual euro's. It turns out that our original plan, "winning the
   lottery", is not actually a solid way to finance an event. We had to
   think of something else. Something new. Something different.

   So we turn to you, dear visitor!

   Today the ticket shop at https://tickets.har2009.org/ has opened
   for business. There is a whole range of options, catering to the  
   purse as well as the millionaire swiss bank account. There is a  
   discount plan for little hackers. There are two premium packages for
   those of you who have a good career (of course, you would not have  
   career without all the knowledge you gained by visiting these  
   so you can spend a little extra if you feel so inclined. Further
   donations are also welcome.

   The basic early-birds rate is EUR 155,- (which applies up to and
   including on february 28th 2009). But readers of this list get an
   extra staggering discount of EUR 5,- for each adult ticket, if they
   enter the special coupon code "1STBORN" during the registration
   process. Oh, and it pays off to order a few extra tickets. In these
   times of declining financial markets and decreasingly safe saving
   deposits, we offer the perfect investment: it is expected that  
   will be priced at EUR 250,- at the door. It is therefore quite  
   that a profitable black-market will emerge for these tickets.

   Corporate visitors should consider the special [1]corporate tickets.
   Not only will the corporate visitor receive a proper invoice, she/he
   will also not have to worry about bringing a tent and assorted gear  
   waiting for uplink cables to be patched in. The corporate ticket
   includes a wooden cabin complete with power and uplink and four to  
   bunks. The cabin also contains an electric heater, just in case we  
   a typical Dutch summer. At only EUR 1500,- these tickets can compete
   with any overpriced enterprise-oriented conference!

   For now, the ticket shop only accepts direct bank transfers (IBAN/ 
   or iDEAL (Dutch electronic banking). In due time, credit card will be
   added to our range of payment methods. There is exactly one reason we
   didn't include it right away: credit cards are evil. And there is a
   rather large transaction fee involved. Large transaction fee, evil..
   There are two reasons we did not include it right away: credit cards
   are evil and there is a rather large transaction fee and it turns out
   capitalism is more bureaucratic than communism.. No, our *three*  
   we did not include credit card as a payment option right away are:  
   are evil, bureaucratic and.. No. Amongst the reasons are.. such  
   as bureaucracy, high fees.. I'll try again..

   Well, let's suffice to say that it is expected that buying tickets  
   your credit card will be possible early 2009. But if possible, please
   use direct bank transfers (IBAN/BIC, free of charge in the EU zone)  
   iDEAL payments.

   So, what are you waiting for? Go spend your christmas bonus on  


  1. https://tickets.har2009.org/corporate.php



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