[hackerspaces] HAR 2009 (The Netherlands) - early bird discount

Peter Kuhm peter at null.priv.at
Sat Dec 27 09:43:31 CET 2008


the HAR'09 organizers need money ahead of the event to work with,
thus are offering a major early bird discount:

-> http://mailman.sonologic.nl/pipermail/har-announce/2008-December/000004.html

--- snip ---
  ... The basic early-birds rate is EUR 155,- (which applies up to and
  including on february 28th 2009). But readers of this list get an
  extra staggering discount of EUR 5,- for each adult ticket, if they
  enter the special coupon code "1STBORN" during the registration
  process. Oh, and it pays off to order a few extra tickets. In these
  times of declining financial markets and decreasingly safe saving
  deposits, we offer the perfect investment: it is expected that tickets
  will be priced at EUR 250,- at the door. It is therefore quite certain
  that a profitable black-market will emerge for these tickets. ...
--- snap ---  

Hacking at Random

International technology & security conference. Four days of technology,
ideological debates and hands-on tinkering.

* When: On August 13-16 2009
* Where: Vierhouten, The Netherlands. Google Maps: http://tinyurl.com/paasheuvel
* http://har2009.org/ 


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