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astera astera at hackerspaces.org
Sat Dec 20 01:10:40 CET 2008

Hello all,

just a very short reminder of the collection for the upcoming Power to  
the People event on Dec. 29th @ the c-base Berlin (see below)!
Please be so kind as to contact Nick & me via  
over9000 at hackerspaces.org so we can make sure everything you are able  
to donate gets to the right place in time - or simply reply to this e- 

Again, thanks a ton

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> Subject: Power to the people!
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> Dear hackers,
> as you already might have heard about, our friends form c-base in  
> Berlin, http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/C-Base, currently have a huuuge  
> power bill looming - and of course, we were thinking of ways to help  
> them out!
> Therefore, Nick from HacDC came up with yet another awesome idea:
> On Dec. 29th, during the 25c3 congress in Berlin, we'll be hosting a  
> 'Power to the people' event at c-base, where geeky, hack(erspace)- 
> related stuff shall be auctioned for the good and win.
> So I'm asking all you people for maybe one or two donations you  
> could give away to make this auction happen, and to keep the power  
> running at one of the greatest hackerspaces in Europe!
> This could either be a box of useful hardware parts that are yet  
> looking forward to be re-assembled to something completely new and  
> terriffic, or maybe a project you built that's now collecting dust  
> on one of your shelves, or maybe even some T-shirts or your  
> hackerspace; in short: about anything you can give away in good  
> conscience for a good cause.
> Also, I'm very proud to announce that we'll have Marc Powell donate  
> his great knowledge about hacking food in terms of giving a  
> foodhacking.org workshop and a subsequent presentation at c-base on  
> that evening, where people will be invited to have a very special  
> dinner before partying hard. The (due to the dimensions of the  
> kitchen at c-base) limited number of 6 tickets for participating in  
> his workshop on Dec. 29th in the afternoon shall be sold to inure to  
> the benefit of their power bill, too.
> Again, be kind and contribute to our collection for the 'power to  
> the people' auction at c-base this December.
> Please get in touch with me via astera at hackerspaces.org as soon as  
> possible, and I'd be more than happy to answer any questions or help  
> get your stuff over to Berlin!
> Cheers & hack on,
> /astera

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